The Y-Factor Sales Academy

Stress Test Your Quarter! 🔬⚒️⚠️

For a limited time get a FREE 90 minute training session for your team from serial high tech sales entrepeneur Andy Bromley that will flush out floundering deals, get your teams in front of economic buyers and accelerate momentum for a strong finish to the Q.


Maximise your revenue for this Q

Is there fiction in your forecast?

Are even your best deals heading into last minute chaos and uncertainty? 

Do your sellers know how to ask the difficult questions that will unleash momentum?


How does it work?

Using the Y-Factor live & interactive sales training platform I will personally teach your team step by step how to identify weakness in their deals and what to do about it.


They will then test the techniques in 3 supportive role play sessions using powerful scripts that I will expertly demonstrate. They will then be ready to go and use these techniques immediately with their prospects. 


All of this in 90 minutes!

🧑‍💻 What are they going to learn?

They will learn:

  • What the biggest risks are for deals entering the closing phase of a sales cycle and what to do about it.

  • How to ask the difficult questions that the top 1% of sellers ask but average sellers are scared of.

  • Why its essential they get meetings with Economic Buyers and how to consistently get those meetings setup.

  • How to avoid end of quarter chaos and close their deals on time, to budget and with minimum fuss.

Whether your team is comprised of early career sellers, seasoned sales execs or a healthy combination of both this training will deliver value for everyone and most importantly will make life easier for YOU as their sales leader.

Hey! I'm Andy B 😁

I’m a serial high tech sales entrepreneur on a mission to transform sales training and sales is something I know a thing or two about! 

Over the last 2 decades in high tech sales i’ve achieved everything I dreamt of when I was starting out: I led data transformation startup Trifacta to a $400M Exit. I’ve run high growth go to market organisations 3 times as VP EMEA, I’ve co-founded 3 SaaS startups, and been a Presidents Club winner over a dozen times. 

I also conceived and built an award winning SaaS marketing program that won coveted Gartner Cool Vendor status.

Multiple times I have built multi million dollar organisations from scratch, launching new products, developing teams and leading growth into new segments.

 As an entrepreneur once again I’m now on a mission to solve a problem I’ve been frustrated by forever that the vast majority of sales training doesn’t deliver bottom line results for sales leaders. 

 p.s. I also believe that sales should be the most fun you can have on the way to the bank!